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Anita can speak on a variety of topics and will tailor for your audience

Speaking Topics

  • Breaking Barriers: Being a Woman in a Male-Dominated Industry.
  • Her Finance: Differences in Financial Planning & Investment Behaviors in Men & Women.
  • Empower and Thrive: Initiatives to Empower Women in Business and Finance.
  • Balancing the Scales: Negotiating Salaries as a Woman.
  • Creating Spaces: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion for Female Leaders.
  • Balancing Acts: Navigating Work-life as a Woman in Finance.
  • Navigating the Journey to the C-Suite: Routes for Women.
  • Elevating Your Brand for Success.
  • Returning to the Workforce.
anita speaking

By taking these one-to-one modules through Lotus Women’s Institute you will be able to gain the knowledge you need and develop the skills to enter the field of Financial Services and successfully navigate your career growth and/or transition. These flexible development programs tap into the lessons typically learned through years of trial and error, giving you an inside track for accelerated recognition and career growth within Financial Services. Available in-person or online.

“Women use their wealth to make life better for ALL.”
–Anita Knotts

Personalized Mentoring

If you would like to begin with a customized approach, Lotus Women’s Institute can work with you to create a plan that is tailored to your needs. Or if you have completed the initial Lotus Learning Plan, and would like additional support, a customized plan can be created to fit your needs. Offered in 3-month packages of bi-monthly sessions.